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Former YTT team member Greg Poynton has teamed up with long-time archivists Milton Hammon and Brett Leslie to create the most comprehensive guide to Young Talent Time ever produced.

Meticulously researched including extensive review of archival video recordings, this book has been 52 years in the making! 20 years of research and 3 years of writing have resulted in this beautiful coffee-table book, and it is something that any Young Talent Time fan will treasure. The book features episode by episode and year by year guide, with bios and reflections from the Team, contestants, cast and crew. This is a piece of Australian television history that will never be repeated.

A limited number of these beautiful books are available for purchase, and are now shipping. They can be ordered by CLICKING HERE (this takes you to an Ebay page)


or here:



50th Anniversary Retrospective Photo Book - READ DESCRIPTION (NOT OUT OF STOCK)

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